Entrevista com o embaixador Bolat Nussupov- Cazaquistão

Ambassador Bolat Nussupov’s interview for Fabiana Ceyhan «Brasilia in foco»

Entrevista e fotos concedidas em Inglês pela Embaixada do Cazaquistão em Brasília a Jornalista Fabiana Ceyhan.

Ambassador, what are your plans for your term of office here in

Kazakhstan considers Brazil as a strategic partner on the South American
continent. Political dialogue and trade and economic cooperation are actively
developing. The main point is to continue these two directions and bring the
indicators to the next level. The Embassy relies on the development of mutual
trade and attraction of investments into the national economy of Kazakhstan.
Moreover, the Embassy works on the developing of cultural and
humanitarian interaction and scientific and educational cooperation. As part of the
celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of
Kazakhstan, it is extremely important to promote the country’s culture and image,
to acquaint Brazil with the achievements of Kazakhstan. In this regard, the
Embassy seeks to expand the pool of Brazilian friends of Kazakhstan, in particular
Unfortunately, today we are being faced with a global problem – a pandemic.
However, modern digital technologies allow us to develop cooperation in a
completely new format. For example, we plan to make an online demonstration of
a number of concerts of the best theaters and orchestras of Kazakhstan.
In the field of scientific and educational cooperation, it is planned to hold
round tables and seminars dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of
Kazakhstan and the further development of bilateral cooperation between our
country and Brazil.
Also, it is particularly important to expand the bilateral legal framework,
work on which is also on the agenda of the Embassy.

In which areas do you think Brazil and Kazakhstan should cooperate more

Brazil is a key trade partner of Kazakhstan in Latin America. Therefore, we
would like to concentrate our efforts on further promotion of commercial ties as
well as establishment of investment cooperation. In order to expand these ties first
of all we are considering the creation of an Intergovernmental commission on trade
and economic cooperation which can be headed by Foreign or Trade/economy
Ministers. Furthermore, creation of a Business council which will unite leading
companies of two countries in order to expand and develop business contacts and
mutually beneficial cooperation between entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly these
institutions will help to realize the still untapped potential that Kazakhstan and
Brazil have in the field of economy and trade.
Kazakhstan is also interested in developing cooperation with Brazil in the
mining sector considering the existing potential and experience of our countries.

Final Remarks

Furthermore, there is a serious potential for cooperation in the field of agriculture
especially in developing science and implementing joint investment projects.
Considering the similarity in the multi-confessional and multicultural
natures of the of our countries, Brazil’s experience in building peace in the society,
also in religious politics is of particular interest to us. In this regard, the Embassy
will work on establishment of cooperation between the institutions of the religious
policy of our countries, as well as to involve Brazil in the dialogue of the leaders of
traditional and world religions within the framework of the international Congress,
which is held in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, every three years.


Fabiana Ceyhan

Jornalista por formação, Professora de Inglês (TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreigner Language). Estudou Media Studies na Goldsmiths University Of London e tem vasta experiência como Jornalista da área internacional, tradutora e professora de Inglês. Poliglota, já acompanhou a visita de vários presidentes estrangeiros ao Brasil. Morou e trabalhou 15 anos fora do país.