Data Nacional do Sri Lanka é comemorada em Brasília

Segue na Íntegra o discurso do Encarregado de Negócios em Inglês:

Good morning, Bom Dia,

Thank you very much for joining at this historical occasion to celebrate the 73rd Anniversary of the Independence of Sri Lanka in 2021. As you all are aware our motherland gained independence from the British rulers on a day like today, 73 years ago.

Today Sri Lanka remains as an independent and sovereign country in the global stage. For last 73 years we have gained great achievements and expanded our horizon in the world in many fields. Sri Lankan expatriates are living all over the world including this region.

Currently, Sri Lanka has established over 60 Diplomatic Missions around the world including the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brazil. We all are gathered here today at this beautiful land which is situated thousands kilometres away from our home country to celebrate, so proudly the momentous occasion of our motherland´s 73rd Independence Day.

In this significant day, I would like to recall that the bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Brazil have become so close in the recent past. Further, our country maintains close and steady relations with almost all the countries in this region including, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Suriname, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and many others bilaterally as well as the multilateral fora on matters of bilaterally and internationally significant.

I am happy to recognize that many more activities are underway with the view to promote Sri Lanka-Brazil relations and also cooperation with other countries in this region.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and Brazil in 1960 our two countries have enjoyed long-standing cooperative relations. We should be proud of the remarkable progresses which have been made in the exchanges and cooperation in political, economic, educational, scientific & technical cooperation and many other areas with the countries in this region particularly during the last 2 to 3 years, to which you all have tremendously contributed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Brazilian friends who have always been supporting the development of the Sri Lanka-Brazil friendship and cooperative relations. I will be failing in my duty if I do not reorganize the outstanding support and cooperation extended to this Mission by authorities of the countries of concurrently accredited particularly through their respective Embassies in Brazil.

When we are celebrating this significant day we all will be witnessing and taking part shortly at a momentous event of tree planting ceremony to mark this historical day in this beautiful blessed land. It is noteworthy to recognize that planting those trees, Ipê trees in particular which bring colourful national flower of Brazil, and also Brazil-wood which is under how Brazil got its name, we are solidifying our bond of friendship with this gigantic country and friendly people of Brazil with whom this Embassy constantly engaged. Undoubtedly, one day those plants will bear fruits and blossom beautiful flowers.

On this significant and historical occasion, I would like to propose a toast to the prosperity of Sri Lanka and Brazil relations, and to everybody’s good health and happiness at this difficult juncture of COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, I express my gratitude to you all for your untiring support to make this happy occasion a success and memorable. I wish each one of you a pleasant day and enjoy the rest of the event.

Thank you. Sthuthi (ස්තුතියි), Obrigado.

Fabiana Ceyhan

Fabiana Ceyhan

Jornalista por formação, Professora de Inglês (TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreigner Language). Estudou Media Studies na Goldsmiths University Of London e tem vasta experiência como Jornalista da área internacional, tradutora e professora de Inglês. Poliglota, já acompanhou a visita de vários presidentes estrangeiros ao Brasil. Morou e trabalhou 15 anos fora do país.