Confira a Entrevista com o Embaixador do Paquistão no Brasil , suas experiências Diplomáticas, acordos e relações com o Brasil e a posição do país em relação a Jerusalem.


Interview of Ambassador of Pakistan to Brazil, His Excellency Mr. Najm us Saqib

Thursday, 28 December 2017 –

Question-1: Mr. Ambassador, please tell our readers about the relations between Brazil
and Pakistan and about cooperation projects
Ever since the establishment of Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Brazil, soon after the
independence of Pakistan in 1947, both countries have been enjoying cordial and friendly relations
with a shared perception on regional and global issues. We cooperate with each other at international
forums including the United Nations. Islamabad and Brasilia discuss matters of mutual interest at the
bilateral Annual Bilateral Political Consultations. The last such Consultations that took place in
Islamabad in March this year, discussed matters relating to economic, investment, trade and other
important areas. Both countries also share views on foreign, regional and international issues.
Pakistan considers Brazil as a major international player and is an important country of the South
American region. Both countries are putting in efforts to further strengthen bilateral relations in all

Question-2: What are main Brazilian products that Pakistan Import from Brazil and what
Pakistan export to Brazil?
Pakistan imports from Brazil include soybeans, iron ore, cotton, sugar, paper products, chemicals,
rubber products and other miscellaneous industrial items. Soybean constitutes more than 50% of
Pakistan’s total imports. On the other hand, Pakistani exports to Brazil comprises textiles, fabrics,
polyester yarn, towels and garments etc. In addition, Pakistan also exports surgical and beauty
instruments, sports goods, leather jackets and, motor cycle clothing.
Question-3:- Please tell us about any plan about new projects between both countries

As I said earlier, both countries endevour to strength bilateral relations in all fields. A number of
Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding have been signed between the two countries. If all
goes well, Pakistan and Brazil will sign the Agreement on Technical Cooperation in 2018. Next year,
we will also establish a Joint Commission between the two countries to have focused discussions on
economic, investment and trade related matters. In 2018, high officials from both countries are
expected meet in Brasilia to hold the Fifth Session of the Annual Bilateral Political Consultations.
Efforts are also underway to increase people-to- people contact, exchange of cultural troupes and
exchange of trade delegations.
whats is your country position about the recent conflict between Palestine and
Israel, which side does  Your country supports?

Pakistan has joined the international community in expressing its strong opposition and
condemnation at the decision of US administration to recognize the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif
Jerusalem as a so-called capital of Israel and the plan to relocate its Embassy there. It is regrettable
that pleas from the States across the globe have been ignored, more out of choice than necessity. I
must add that this decision represents a serious violation of international law and applicable UN
Security Council Resolutions, particularly UNSCR 478.

Question-5: We would like to know about the Population of Pakistan, Economy, Tourism .

Like many other commonalities that Pakistan and Brazil share, population is also one of them.
Pakistan has almost the same population as that of Brazil. According to the latest census, there are
207 million in Pakistan. Pakistan is now a US$ 300 billion economy and is ranked 25 th in world
economies. During the past financial year, GDP grew at 5.2%. We are expecting GDP growth of 6%
in the current financial year. Pakistan Stock Exchange has been ranked at No. 5 in the world.
Pakistan has the oldest civilization in the world like Mehr Garh, Moinjo Daro, Harrapa and Taxila
etc. Second highest mountain peak in the world is K-2 which is in Pakistan forming the part of
gorgeous mountainous range, Himalaya. Pakistan’s northern areas, with immense natural beauties,
are main attraction for foreign tourists. Pakistani cuisine and dresses have their own distinct tastes
and elegance. You can imagine that in the presence of so many touristic attractions, Pakistan has to
be one of the world’s most sought after places to visit.

Question-6: Please feel free to give us more information about your plans of work on the next
few years that you are going to stay in Brazil ,what  would you like to improve in the bilateral
Brazil is a beautiful country. People here are kind, friendly and cooperative. It is an ideal place to
work as a Diplomat, serve your country’s interests, increase people to people contacts, explore
additional areas of cooperation and contribute towards welfare of peoples of both the countries.
Itamaraty, headed by Secretary General Marcos Galvao is playing the role of a very good host for us
diplomats in Brasilia. They are professionally sound and helpful. What else is included in my plan?
Well, I would like to make new friends in Brazil.
Question-7: Tell us about your experience as a Diplomat?
I am a proud member of the prestigious Foreign Service of Pakistan for the last over 32 years.
Serving for my country has always been a matter of pride for me and a source of satisfaction, may it
be the signing of Agreements, projecting Pakistan as a progressive democratic country, increasing
Pakistan’s exports, bringing investment to Pakistan or introducing rich heritage, literature, culture
and value system of Pakistan to the outside world. I am pleased to state that this journey so far has
been full of achievements.



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