The speech of Ambassador PHAM THI KIM HOA on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

On September 2, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh, the great leader of the Vietnamese nation read the Declaration of Independence, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. At that very moment, Vietnam was named on the world map. Although the Declaration of Independence is condense, it contains important historical values for the Vietnamese people as well as profound epochal meanings, contributing to the cause of human liberation, opening the new erea of independence and freedom of the colonial, oppressed peoples all over the world.

With the spirit of “Nothing is more precious than Independence and Freedom” (President Ho Chi Minh), the Vietnamese people have protected and rebuilt Vietnam from ashes after going through wars of aggression, creating a Vietnam with a completely new look. Vietnam today has become a prestigious country in the international arena.

After 35 years of Đổi Mới (also known as Renovation period), Vietnam has risen to become a country with a population of nearly 100 million people, belongs to the group of developing countries. The size of the economy is about 343 billion USD and GDP per capita reached 3.521 USD. Maintaining political stability, creating a favorable business environment, balancing economic growth and achieving sustainable development goals has helped Vietnam win the trust of international friends making Vietnam an attractive destination in Southeast Asia, both for investors and international visitors.

Viet Nam have always been persistent, steadfast, and resolute in upholding the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development; with diversification and multi-lateralization in foreign relations; proactively and actively integrate into the world; is a friend, a reliable partner and a responsible member of the international community.

As of 2020, Vietnam has official relations with 189 out of 193 countries; establishing strategic and comprehensive partnerships with 30 countries on all continents, including all 5 permanent members of the Security Council/UN; has signed 15 FTAs, and in the process of completing 02 FTAs. There are 79 countries that have recognized Vietnam as a market economy. Especially, in 2020, Vietnam is among the rare countries that still maintain a growth rate of 2.91%. In the first half of 2021, our GDP increased by 5.64% over the same period. Despite experiencing 04 waves of the pandemic, Viet Nam is still considered one of the 16 most successful emerging economies in the world and has a V-shaped economic recovery.

Brazil has always been a major and important partner in South America to Viet Nam. Over the years, the two countries have continued to support each other, serving socio-economic development in each country and at the same time closely coordinating at international organizations and multilateral forums.

The bright spot in Vietnam-Brazil relations is economic-trade. Bilateral trade between the two countries has continuously maintained an exponential growth in recent years, reaching $4.6 billion in 2020 and reaching $3.25 billion in the first six months of 2021 alone. I believe that the two countries still have many opportunities for cooperation in the near future, especially in the context that Vietnam and the member countries of the South American Common Market (MERCOSUR) are under process of negotiating a free trade agreement of Vietnam – MERCOSUR.

Not only that, on the basis of the Comprehensive Partnership, cultural-education-tourism exchanges between the two countries continue to be enhanced, becoming a bridge to bring the people of Vietnam and Brazil closer together. In the near future, when the Covid-19 vaccine is popularized worldwide in general, and in Vietnam and Brazil in particular, I believe that these cooperation activities will continue to be expanded.

On this occasion, I reaffirm Vietnam’s commitment and development efforts to deepen the Vietnam-Brazil Comprehensive Partnership in particular as well as its cooperation with all the countries in the world.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Brazilian Government; Leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other ministries of Brazil as well as the entire Diplomatic Corps for the close cooperation with the Embassy of Vietnam over the years as well as in combating the pandemic. I believe that, together we can make efforts in unite to repel the Covid-19 pandemic, towards a brighter future for the whole world.


Fabiana Ceyhan

Jornalista por formação, Professora de Inglês (TEFL, Teaching English as a Foreigner Language). Estudou Media Studies na Goldsmiths University Of London e tem vasta experiência como Jornalista da área internacional, tradutora e professora de Inglês. Poliglota, já acompanhou a visita de vários presidentes estrangeiros ao Brasil. Morou e trabalhou 15 anos fora do país.