Saudi Arabia has women’s empowerment programs

Close to hosting the G20 summit, the Arab country has shared the programs it created for women to include them in the labor market.

Close to hosting the G20 summit, the meeting of the leaders of the world’s largest economies, Saudi Arabia has taken a series of measures in favor of women. A statement released by the Saudi Arabian embassy in Brasília based on information from the country’s Foreign Relations Ministry listed a number of them.

The initiatives include encouraging the women’s participation in the labor market, such as the Qurrah program, which supports women in the care of their children while they are at work, and the Wusoul program, which offers transport for working women. Pictured above, female employee walks through the halls of the subway in Riyadh.

A self-employment assistance program broadens the circle of opportunities to increase the women’s income according to their skills. There are part-time and remote work programs, too, allowing for them to have time for taking care of the house and working. There is also job training for women living in rural and remote areas.

According to the statement, Saudi Arabia has forbidden the gender wage gap for works of equal value and has ratified the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions over equality between men and women and employment and occupation.

Saudi Arabia reported that women take up important positions in the country and account for 25% of the founding members of the National Human Rights Society, banking boards, chambers of commerce, and the Saudi Council of Engineers. According to the statement, they occupy positions as ministers, ambassadors, chairwomen, and others.

The women’s issue is part of the goals of the Vision 2030, a Saudi strategic framework to diversify its economy and develop new sectors. “The Kingdom gives great importance to women’s rights. This is reflected in the qualitative changes and women’s training to become major partners in the sustainable development goal, which is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030,” the statement reads. Saudi Arabia holds the G20 presidency and will host its meeting next month.

Fonte: ANBA

Fabiana Ceyhan

Fabiana Ceyhan

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